Fri. Oct 23rd, 2020

National 'circuit-breaker' lockdown for England ruled out for now by Government

Cabinet minister Michael Gove has ruled out a national lockdown on “circuit breakers” to control the coronavirus resurgence “for the moment”.

When asked if the government would take action on Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday, he flatly replied, “No.

“It seems like a mistake trying to impose the same level of restriction on every part of the country when we know that the disease is spreading more intensely and faster in some parts of the country.”

When asked if the action could be taken in the future, he said, “We are always looking at how the disease is spreading and we will take all necessary steps to maintain public health.

“But Kate (Green, Shadow Secretary) and the Labor Party are arguing about blanket restrictions across the country right now, and the spread and nature of the disease don’t deserve it right now.”

Kate Green said a two to three week breaker would give the UK time to put better local traceability processes in place.

The shadowing secretary said, “What we can already see on the local locks, I mean here in Manchester, we’ve been in some kind of local locks since the end of July.”

“The prices keep going up with the measures we have now. They don’t work, so we’ll have to try something different.”

Ms. Green continued, “No one can guarantee what will happen in the most uncertain and unpredictable circumstances, but we know what will make a difference and what action will need to be taken in those two or three weeks to weigh on the rate of spread of the virus .

“We know that keeping track of contacts from those who tested positive is critical to managing the virus. Two or three weeks would give us time to set up better local tracking processes.

“We know that quickly testing and getting results back is key to fighting the spread of the virus. Two to three weeks would give us time to invest in and increase our laboratory capacity. “


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