Fri. Oct 23rd, 2020

For some Black youth, it’s time to question Democratic loyalties

Pearson is an anomaly among Gen Z, whose members are polled to be more liberal than any generation before them. But they are also more skeptical of the political system and its establishment leaders. For a young black man like Pearson, skepticism trumps loyalty to his parents and grandparents’ party. He may not be representative of his cohort’s views, but he does reflect their stance in a way that politicians are quick to notice: he is an iconoclast.

“You know, a lot of people on the left argue that conservatism is the opposite of blackness, but I think conservatism is blackness,” Pearson said, citing his culturally conservative but politically liberal roots. “When you look at my story, it’s strange to be approached by Democrats and things like that. It’s crazy. But it wasn’t a big jump for me. I think conservatism talked to me about who I was, where I was and what my upbringing was. ”

The University of Alabama freshman has been promoting his commitment to conservative values ​​and politics since he was twelve. At age 13, he took part in Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign as chairman of the youth program. His name was later floated for a lecture space at the Republican National Convention 2016. Now as a replacement for the President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and founder of his own political advocacy group called the Free Thinker Project, Pearson, spends most of his days on the streets speaking to Eric Trump and other White House figures at rallies across the country.

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