Mon. Oct 26th, 2020

Gran Turismo 7 and PlayStation 5 statement from Sony

Gran Turismo 7 and PlayStation 5 players will meet soon. We first met him on June 11, 2020. This production was developed by Polyphony Digital.

The seventh main game, which people eagerly anticipate for those who like to spend time with racing simulations, will also feature nostalgic breezes. So what’s in store for those counting days for Gran Turismo 7?

Gran Turismo 7 brings a smile to PlayStation 5 users

In the relevant declaration of the technology company originating in Japan, 5 main characteristics are included. This production, which was previously announced to host 4K 60 FPS, will also feature HDR technology.

Thus, images using the technique called high dynamic range can be easily reflected to the users and there will be no problems. Sony wants to take full advantage of the power of PlayStation 5.

It has been said that the loading screens will be passed very quickly and that the shifting will be felt thanks to the adaptability of the trigger mechanisms in the controller of the PlayStation 5. In addition, the vibrations from the racing car’s ABS system and the pressure applied to the The vehicle’s engine is also felt.

Gran Turismo 7 PlayStation 5

According to Sony, the sensitivity of the vehicles in Gran Turismo 7 is different, giving players a different experience in each vehicle. The Japanese company said vibrations from the players’ accelerator and brake pedals will add color to the game.

Finally, the physical communication of the tires with the road and the shaking caused by the bumps in the vehicles will be one of the things players should pay attention to. Players will feel that all the sounds around them are real thanks to the 3D sound feature.

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