Wed. Oct 21st, 2020

A kebab seller who killed his daughter and chopped up her body parts was caught after her arm was found in a newspaper.

Hasan Uslu strangled his daughter Didem Uslu to death in the Kesan district in the north-west Turkish province of Edirne.

The crime scene became known last year when a passerby found a dismembered arm in a newspaper and informed local authorities.

The arm was reportedly chopped off at the shoulder.

The police carried out a fingerprint test on the limb and found it belonged to Didem Uslu.

Police then used sniffer dogs to track other body parts that were cut with straight and precise cuts Daily mail reports.

After an investigation, it was concluded that the victim’s father killed her before dismembering and freezing her body.

Then he tried to dispose of it piece by piece in a nearby forest.

Uslu told the court that it was his daughter’s fault for coming home drunk late at night, insulted her mother, and then argued with him when he told her to be respectful.

Kebab shop worker who chopped up daughter caught as arm found wrapped in paper 1

He said he lost his temper when she struggled, killed her, and chopped up her body with a kebab meat knife.

The defendant attended the hearing by video while his wife, who was accused of not reporting the crime, was absent.

Uslu, who has kept his innocence, has asked for release as he is at risk of contracting Covid-19 in prison and is at risk due to his age and underlying conditions.

Kebab shop worker who chopped up daughter caught as arm found wrapped in paper 2

However, the court found Uslu guilty of “deliberately killing” his daughter and was sentenced to 24 years in prison.

Meanwhile, his wife Sati Uslu was reportedly acquitted after she was initially accused of failing to report the crime.

She said she felt uncomfortable after her daughter was attacked and went to her room where she passed out.


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