Fri. Oct 23rd, 2020

Jason Momoa Started Following Amber Heard on Instagram After Becoming a Good Friend

Both actors starred together in the movie “Aquaman” in 2018 and it was quite a hit. In an interview, Amber Heard shared her experience with country actor Jason Momoa, saying that “she loves books a lot even in the time interval between two shots she read there and Jason didn’t like that because he doesn’t like to be disregarded. So to make me stop reading, he ripped my books so that I pay him attention. “This was a really funny incident, but some book lovers didn’t like it and commented on Jason that he is a monster. But Amber also said she loved working with Jason.

Incidents that made it seem as if the two actors did not go well together

Another incident involving Jason and Amber made big news when Amber uploaded a photo of herself to Instagram showing her one nipple and Instagram removed it under violation rules. This really angered Amber so she edited her photo with Jason’s face and body but showed the nipple and said no body will judge this photo because now the gender has changed. She also put both photos side by side in her Instagram story, asking fans to see any difference or if that’s just the discriminatory guidelines.

Another incident occurred where Amber’s personal life affected her professional life as the problem with her ex-husband Johnny Depp made many negative comments about the actresses and affected the promotion of the movie “Aquaman”. So Jason planned to remove Amber’s name from the cast list.

There is now a new friendship between the actors

After all these incidents, it was said that it must have caused some problems between these two actors. But lately Jason has started following Amber, it seems things have shorted out and the actors are now back with friends.

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