Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

A number of police colleagues have changed their social media profile pictures to black with a blue line to respect the officer who was shot dead in a train station in south London.

The regional director of the Independent Police Conduct Department, Sal Naseem, said the guard dog’s investigators were at the site of the shooting.

He said: “Our deepest condolences go to all those involved in this incident. We were informed of the shooting incident at Croydon Custody Center this morning by the MPS.

“We know that a police officer has sadly died since then and a man is in critical condition in the hospital. A police investigation is ongoing. Our investigators are on the spot and the police are proceeding with the incident after the incident, with our independents Investigations begin. “

National Police Chiefs Council Chairman Martin Hewitt said: “This is a truly terrible incident and my thoughts and condolences go to the officer, his family, friends and colleagues at a deeply depressing time.

“It’s another tragic reminder of the risks police officers take on a daily basis to keep the public safe.

“Police are a family and I, along with colleagues across the country, mourn the senseless death of one of our own on duty.”

Croydon Central MP and Shadow Police Secretary Sarah Jones told Times Radio: “It is absolutely devastating.

“I’m just so sorry for the family of the officer who was shot and for the community of our police force in Croydon who are obviously a family of people who work together every day and put themselves in danger every day.” Are you driving in danger and are a really close family and you will be absolutely devastated and just so sorry.

“Of course there will be questions about what happened … and we will get to the bottom of what happened and why. But today it is an absolute tragedy and not something you ever think will happen. “

Police across UK in heartbreaking tribute to officer shot dead in Croydon 1

Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said: “The murder of a colleague on duty is extremely devastating news. Officials across London are in shock and stomach sick from his death.

“All of our thoughts – and those of all our members – are with his family, friends and close colleagues at this time. We and all members of the police family across the country are all deeply broken at the news.”

Police across UK in heartbreaking tribute to officer shot dead in Croydon 2

“Officers put themselves in danger every day to protect the public. Unfortunately, on very rare occasions, officers make the ultimate sacrifice while fulfilling their role. When this happens we will ensure that their valor and sacrifice are never forgotten. “

“The colleagues involved in the incident will have our full support as long as necessary.”


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