Mon. Oct 26th, 2020

For some people. The Covid-19 restrictions have slowed their love life.

But for others it was a chance to find the one and marry her within months.

This was the case with two couples who found love on a Muslim dating app and made wedding plans within a few months.

They say it’s because their relationships have “sped up” thanks to lockdown restrictions.

When the traditional method of being introduced to a potential mate by family was put on hold due to social distancing measures, many young Muslims turned to dating apps to find love.

Aisha Rosalie and her husband Sultan Akhtar met online a few weeks before the restrictions went into effect and said the lockdown had given them a “sense of fear” about the future.

That encouraged them to speed up their relationship – even consider getting married online at some point.

Aisha, 23, said: “We haven’t seen each other for three months, we talked every day. We were just turned upside down because we didn’t have that personal contact.

“If you take the time to sit and think, wow, I want to be with someone. I want to share everything I go through, I want to share my successes and my failures with someone – being in lockdown, thinking You like that. “”

After a whirlwind romance, they married in a small Nikah ceremony in July. A Nikah ceremony is an Islamic wedding ceremony where the marriage contract is signed.

The 25-year-old Sultan said, “It put things into perspective.”

He added, “I had a lot of free time and during that time we got to know each other which was obviously helpful.

“Otherwise I would have come home from work and been a little tired and we could only have spent a few hours instead of days.

“Even when it’s on the phone, it helped us get along pretty quickly.”

After restrictions outlawed public gatherings, another couple said “boredom” caused them to spend more time on the dating app Muzmatch – and eventually ended up together.

The couple requested that their names be changed due to a “stigma” in the Muslim community due to online meetings.

Mariam told the PA news agency that she “usually never” liked other profiles instead of browsing through those who liked hers.

The 33-year-old said, “I came across Maheer’s profile one night while I was just loading the app. He checked all the boxes and I thought I was going to like this guy that I never do. Me then didn’t hear anything. “

However, since she had chosen to blur her photos – one of the features of the halal dating app – Maheer had immediately thrown her profile in the trash.

Maheer, 35, said, “It was so boring during the lockdown. I was so bored that I went to my trash and started browsing the profiles. I never do that.”

“When I went to Mariam’s profile, I started reading it.

“I thought she was quite nice, I liked her profile, I couldn’t see her pictures, but I thought I would text her and see where it was going.”

The couple were able to meet the following week when restrictions eased and are now hoping to be married before the end of the year if restrictions allow.

Maheer said, “It was very unexpected. I never thought I’d meet anyone on Muzmatch and it’s getting serious.”

Despite the speed of their relationship, Mariam said, “If you know, you know.”


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