Wed. Oct 21st, 2020

Fans of the Netflix zombie drama Kingdom are eager for it to return with a third season. But there is no official confirmation from Netflix regarding the third season of the show. However, the second season of the series was released on March 12, and Netflix waits for a few months after aired it before revealing the show’s future.

What’s Maker Think About Season 3 Of Kingdom:

The writer of the show, Kim Eun-hee, told PhilStar Global: “as you know, season three production is totally dependent upon the success of season 2. If we receive love and support for season 2, I am sure we will bring you with season 3 with a greater world. I personally hope that the series continues all the way to season 10.”

Season 2 StoryLine:

Many viewers are very confident that the streaming platform will release the third outing of the drama considering the dramatic ending of season 2. At the end of season 2, the crown Prince was Triumph and killed all the infected people in the kingdom. The crown Prince made a dramatic ending by abandoning his position and asking to be officially recorded as dead and the child to be instituted in his place. However, the impact of the future King being built and actually indicating the terms of infection is likely to be explored in another season after the worms are seen heading towards his brain.

Plenty more could be discovered about the plague and whether a cure could be found ever in the show. The end of season 2 also indicates the prince and his companions head into Korea’s far reaches to find out how the plague was being spread.

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