Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

My Hero Academia, at this point, it is quite obvious that you might at least have heard about this anime series if not watched it. However, if you follow the anime then you might have also heard about it being renewed for the fifth season. So, now the important question is when and what might happen?

The tweet says that the fifth season of Hiroaka is confirmed and the release also might not be far.

Well, to be precise, no we do not have a release date yet. However, we do have something that could help us get close to a release date. Recently, an unknown source revealed that My Hero Academia might not release until Spring next year.

So, we think that the very best, we might get to see My Hero Academia season 5 by mid-2021. However, we are not sure about that. It can also happen earlier in 2021 but not before spring. Though as the show doesn’t require a room full of people in production so, I guess they can get the show into making in spite of social distancing norms.

Assuming that the plot would be derived from the manga series, that’s quite out in the open now. Probably the fifth season would continue with the joint training arc. Thus, leading to the events of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie that released in 2019. In that movie, Midoriya, Bakugo, and the rest of the class 1-A fight against Nine.

That’s pretty interesting to watch. Moreover, seeing the speed of the story, we might also get into the meta liberation army arc. Thus, leading to the main villain Tomura Shigaraki’s backstory. Then finally leading to the events of Heroes Rising. However, if you want to jump deeper into the plot, you can always follow the manga series that publishes online in English as well.

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